For dog lovers, summer is the perfect season to get out and explore the neighborhood and city with your furry sidekick. If you live in Norfolk, there are countless adventures awaiting you and your best friend, from tasty restaurants (share a scooby snack?) and beautiful beaches to lush hiking trails and friendly dog parks.

We’re pet people, and we know how important it is get outside with your dog and get social interaction and exercise. When you and your best friend need fresh experiences and new activities, you’re in good luck! Your neighborhood is just minutes from some of the best pet-friendly attractions in the area.

We did a little digging and found a few spots you’ll want to take your four-legged friend for fun, friendship, nature and sunshine. Make the most of the beautiful season and gorgeous, Coastal climate, and enjoy good times with your greatest friend…

Play on the Beach
From Memorial Day to Labor Day, Ocean View Beach is open to you AND your on-leash dog in the mornings until 10 am, and in the evening after 6 pm (from Labor Day to Memorial Day, you and your dog can gallivant along the beach all day long). During the summer months, make good use of breezy mornings by running beside the water with Fido, or gather with friends for “yappy hour” after 6, and enjoy some on-leash antics on the beach during sunset.

Hike With Your Best Friend
Some dogs require lots of exercise to stay healthy, and if you have an active dog, a short walk may not be enough. Get out there and get fit with your pup by taking a long, lovely hike along Norfolk’s beautiful Elizabeth River Trail. You’ll experience some of Norfolk’s pristine, natural landscapes and get a good workout.

Make New Friends
Finding the perfect dog park for your pet might seem daunting, but Norfolk is filled with charming dog parks that make it safe and fun for your pet to get social and run off leash. One of our favorites, Bea Arthur Park, features one acre of gated, grassy land with water stations, dog toys, lots of shade and a boat ramp for dogs who like to swim. It’s the perfect playground for your fur-baby, and definitely worth checking out when you and your pet are ready to meet and make new friends.

Go Out to Eat
Sometimes, your sidekick wants to step out for sandwiches and snacks, too. Norfolk has a bevy of pet-friendly restaurants that make it possible. We’re particularly fond of Cogan’s Pizza, Baker’s Crust, Dog-n-Burger and Starving Artist Cafe for casual, relaxed fare in a friendly environment.