You’ve moved into your gorgeous new townhome and unpacked your last box, and now it’s time to get down to decorating business. You want your home to reflect your personal sense of style, and that means adding pops of color and texture throughout your home without painting your walls. While that may seem like a challenge, adding color and charm to your new townhome is entirely possible to do without paint and will probably save you money and a lot of messy cleanup. After all, paint isn’t cheap and it certainly requires labor.

Nowadays, paint-free design elements are a cost-effective, stylish and creative alternative to traditional wall paint or blank, white walls. In fact, your white walls can provide the perfect backdrop for you to bring color, texture and your stylish personality to life at home with design elements that are removable, reversible and can travel with you should you have to move again. You won’t have to invite your neighbors to come spend hours painting, priming and cleaning, and you’ll have a simpler move-out process when it’s time for you to move on.

Here are 10 colorful ways to decorate your walls without paint that will have you feeling inspired at home in no time.

  1. Removable Wall Coverings/Decals. A lot has changed in the world of removable wall coverings in the last 20 years. Nowadays, you can find beautiful, artistic and colorful removable wall decals, graphics and paper just about anywhere you might purchase home goods (think Target, etc.). You can also have them custom made, and they can easily be applied to most surfaces (but always follow instructions) and removed without leaving a trace. Whatever your style, you’ll be able to create, design or discover wall graphics that match your vision, and without spending a lot of money or making a big mess along the way.
  2. Removable Wall Hooks. Hang photos, mirrors or artwork without adding holes or creating damage to your walls with simple, stress-free removable wall hooks. You can hang robes, scarves or ties from inside your closet, or behind your bedroom door, and never worry about having to patch holes or damage your pristine walls.
  3. Display Your Art. Take advantage of those removable wall hooks and hang beautiful artwork throughout your home using your white walls as a beautiful backdrop. Choose colorful frames and hang artwork in creative displays in your living room, dining room and bedroom to bring texture, style and culture to your home.
  4. Wall Shelves. Floating wall shelves are as stylish as they are functional and handy when you need a place to display your stuff. Set up floating wall shelves in your living room and display books, photos and your favorite chotchkes. You can also place painted and stylish, tall floor shelves in your living room or bedroom and store your books and magazines, while also covering empty wall space and adding texture and height to a room.
  5. Decorate With Plants. The easiest way to bring your home to life is to bring actual life into it, and the easiest way to do that is with plants. Hang plants appropriately in your living room or bedroom, or pick up floor plants or table plants that can receive proper light, while also filtering your air and adding instant color and texture to just about any room. If you have a black thumb, make sure to choose sturdy plants that can handle a little independence, so you don’t end up with a home filled with wilting plants.
  6. Use Colorful Accents. When you can’t paint your walls, use the rest of your furniture and space to make your home pop. Add colorful throw blankets and pillows to your couches, chairs and bedding. Call on your exceptional ability to accessorize and add colorful chotchkes to every room in your home. You’ll be grateful for those white walls once you’re done adding bursts of color to the furniture in your home.
  7. Choose Colorful Furniture and Rugs. While you’re working on accents, don’t forget that your furniture itself can act as your design, and choose bright slipcovers, couches, chairs and seat cushions. Paint your coffee table in bold colors, or choose contemporary bedding with bursts of your favorite color schemes.
  8. Hang Colorful Curtains. You love curtains for the privacy they provide, and now, you’ll love them for their stunning design. Choose colorful curtains that match your accessories and furnishings to tie in a color scheme, and you’ll bring instant color to your walls, without even touching a paintbrush.
  9. Choose Bold Lighting. Pick up floor lamps, table lamps and colored bulbs to set the mood and add texture and light to the rooms in your home. It’s amazing how far good lighting can go in making a room feel warm, comfortable and cozy. Choose colorful lamps or bright lampshades, and turn your lighting into a work of art at home.
  10. Hang Fabric or Tapestries. As cost-effective as it is creative, hanging fabric is a fun DIY project, and will immediately bring energy and color into the plainest of rooms. Head to your nearby fabric store and pick up fabric in your favorite colors, styles and design. You can easily put together fabric panels that will hang beautifully in your living room or bedroom to create a distinctive and artistic look, instantly.