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Perfect Plants for Fall Container Gardening

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Fall and spring are the best seasons for working on or planting your container garden. While we tend to think of mums as the typical fall container flower, there are a variety of colorful, bright and textured flowers and plants that will look gorgeous in your planters throughout the fall and winter months.

Whether you're an experienced gardener with the greenest of thumbs, or simply trying to bring fresh greenery and color to your outdoor patio, container gardening can be satisfying and rewarding work for all. Many fall plants are hardy and built to withstand extreme cold, and thrive during the crisp and cool autumn months. We're big fans of coral bells, snapdragons and verbena in fall, and we love to see container gardens made up of mixed varieties of plants or bursting with an abundance of your favorite flower, only.

Before you get started on your container garden this fall, make sure that your patio can provide direct sunlight, and that your planters and pots have proper drainage to help your plants thrive and bloom. Once you've identified your space and your pots, you'll be ready to get planting! Here are perfect plants for your container garden this fall! 

Coral Bells
Coral bells are an all-around good pick for just about every garden, and they do particularly well when planted in fall. These hardy plants are hard to kill, and come in a variety of different colored and textured leaves. Coral bells don't flower, but they look gorgeous on their own, and can pair well with flowers, should you prefer to mix up your containers. Depending on your preferred color scheme, you can choose from a wide range of colors to complement your outdoor decor, and because coral bells can survive most weather conditions, you can expect these plants to look good for months to come.

Stonecrop, also known as Sedum, is a traditional fall plant that will beautifully fill and decorate just about any planter as long as it receives direct sunlight. These plants can grow tall, so you may want to keep that in mind when choosing a planter and placement, but they are hardy stock and can withstand extreme temperatures. They even look beautiful dusted with snow!

Beautiful, brilliant verbena are bright, colorful and will produce gorgeous blooms for most of the year. Verbena plants bloom flowers in shades of red, purple and pink, and look great on their own or in a mixture of assorted flowering plants. They will need to be planted with a good amount of drainage, but once they find their new planter home, they should thrive throughout the fall season.

The pansy is a traditional fall flower, and can bloom throughout the fall, winter, spring and summer. Blooming in bright colors of purple, yellow, white, pink and almost black, these flowers look beautiful in a planter of their own, or when combined with fall foliage and greenery. Pansies are some of the least expensive flowers to purchase, making them a gorgeous bang for your buck when planted.

Snapdragons' unique, tall and spikey look makes for a bold, colorful and standout planter or container garden. Their intense colors bloom from the stalk up, making them one of the most extraordinary fall flowers when in full bloom. You'll want to plant snapdragons in full sun during the fall months, and make sure to place them in planters with proper drainage. Once planted, they should bloom and thrive on their own throughout the cold weather months.

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