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End of Summer Declutter

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Seasonal changes always seem to bring out the inner organizer in us, and at summer's end, we are ready to declutter and clear out space for fall. After a long summer spent outdoors, beside the pool, at the beach or on your patio, you probably need to shake some sand and sunscreen off your goods and begin washing and packing away for next year. 

The end of summer is also a perfect time to go through your closet and consider clothing and shoe items that you no longer need. You can evaluate your linen closet too, and decide to toss out, donate or even consign to make extra cash for the impending holiday season. You'll soon need to have easy access to cool weather clothes and scarves, boots and jackets, as well as heavier blankets, warmer sheets and cozy throw pillows. So, let go of the old to make way for the new!

There are just a few weeks left in summer, and it's the best time to go through each room in your townhome and eliminate, organize or pack away for next summer. Once you declutter your space, you'll have more room for your family, yourself and a brand new, beautiful season in Norfolk, VA!

Start with a Plan
Before you begin to declutter, you'll need to set goals and start with a plan of attack. Are you mostly concerned with cleaning and packing away seasonal items? Are there items that you know you need to toss out, donate or consign? Do you need more space for upcoming social events, a new baby, a new pet or to help you better work from home? Assess your specific situation, and write out your goals. Then, begin your plan of attack.

Room by Room
Decluttering can become overwhelming if you don't break up the task by room. Begin your process by moving room to room, and consider spreading the entire declutter job out over the course of several weekends. Start with your living room, then move to your bedrooms. Next, work your way through your kitchen, then bathrooms and finally, your laundry room. As you move through each room, you'll need to decide what you want to do with your stuff, and that means you'll need to start doing some sorting.

Sort Your Stuff
As you move room by room, start sorting your items into 3 piles: Keep. Don't Keep. Storage. Items you keep will need to be either stored, or organized back into your closets. Items you don't keep will either go into the trash, donated to a local charity or consigned at a local consignment shop. Items you store will need to be boxed up and put into storage units, or placed into storage under your bed or in your closets.

Toss What You Don't Need
The key to decluttering is a commitment to eliminating what you no longer need. Evaluate your belongings from the perspective of need versus want, and ask yourself if you really need to keep those tennis shoes you haven't worn in 4 years, or the pile of books that have been collecting dust on your shelves for the last 2 years. If you truly want to create room and space for change, you're going to have to be willing to let go of old things that aren't serving you. Bring your most discerning attention to the rooms in your townhome, and be ready to purge. 


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