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Make this Your Best Year Yet

Posted by: Mira Roberts

After a busy holiday season and a fast-paced year, it's hard to believe it's time to start making new year's resolutions again. This next chapter of your life is now up to you, and you get to decide what you want to create, begin and enjoy in this brand new year of your life. Choose to live fully, and make new year's resolutions that will truly make an impact on your overall well-being and life. 

Rather than push yourself to go on another trendy diet, or begin an intense, new exercise regime, choose realistic, life-affirming resolutions, this year. Here are 10 resolutions designed to help you reach your highest potential while also providing you with stress relief and clarity along the way. Commit to making this your best year yet with any or all of these new year's resolutions ideas. 

Get Outside More
Sure, winter months don't scream outdoor activities and comfortable temperatures, but if you want to feel your best, fresh air is always a good place to start. Commit to getting outside and connecting with nature at least a few times a week-even if it's taking a long walk with your pup, or taking your run from the treadmill to the great outdoors, once in a while. 

Eat to Live
Believe it or not, your diet and your gut are two of the most important factors in your overall health and well-being. This year, eat to fuel your body rather than to satisfy cravings. You won't have to live on a spartan diet to do this, but you will have to pay attention to how certain foods make you feel. If they satisfy hunger, give you energy and help you live an active, joyful life, they are fuel. If they weigh you down, zap your energy and bring down your mood, it's time to eliminate.

This year, dedicate some amount of your free time each month to a cause that you care about. Whether it's volunteering at an animal shelter once a month, or helping out at your local foodbank, giving to your community and local organizations that need your help will fill you up in ways that nothing else can. Remind yourself of your impact and your ability to create even small changes in the lives of those who need it, and give your time as a volunteer.

Practice Gratitude, Every Day
No matter your circumstances or difficult times, gratitude is the antidote to suffering, and you deserve that antidote. Choose to take 5 minutes a day and catalogue all that you are grateful for in your life. Whether your life is in an upswing or a downturn, giving thanks for simple things like your health, a roof over your head, friendship or your beloved pet will keep you grounded and able to ride the waves of change over the next year.

Read More
Put down your devices and pick up a book. Your brain, body and eyes will thank you, and you may find yourself feeling more peaceful, creative and inspired. Staying up to date on current events is important, but sometimes, unplugging and diving into a good, old fashioned mystery novel is the best way to recharge your nervous system and keep your brain sharp.

Move More
Staying sedentary is the fastest way to get out of shape, and this year, you want to feel your strongest, ever. You don't have to start a consuming, new fitness routine to simply get up and move more. Pledge to walk for a few minutes each morning to start your day, or take advantage of the stationary bike in your fitness studio after work. Sign up for a weekly yoga class, join your nearby YMCA and take up a morning swim session or simply get up out of your seat every 30 minutes or so during the workday. The more you move, the better your entire body will feel, and the better your body feels, the better you will feel!

Begin a Hobby
Make better use of your free time this year by taking up a new hobby (or an old one you've let slip). If you used to love crafting, knitting or always wanted to try out woodworking, now is the time to begin (or, begin again)! Spending time on hobbies is proven to reduce your stress level, improve your focus and help your central nervous system to relax. 

Laugh More
Refuse to let your life become too serious in the new year, and choose to play, laugh and be joyful as often as possible. Whether you prefer to play by romping around outdoors with your pet, or by joining a local kickball league or trivia night, promise yourself more laughter and play than you've had since you were a child. The more you laugh, play and choose the lighter side of life, the lighter and better you will feel. 

Set Career Goals
This year, move right out of that career rut you found yourself in last year, by setting goals and detailing a vision for your future over the next 1, 5 and 10 years. Refuse to settle, and bring your focus back to your ideal vision for your career. Once you've defined your vision and goals for your career, make sure to write them down and keep them front and center in your home (on the refrigerator, on your desk or beside your bed), so that you start each day aware of your direction.

Keep a Journal
It may have been years since you kept a journal, but this is the year to bring it back. Journaling not only helps you to organize your thoughts, but also helps you to achieve your goals and get in touch with yourself, all things that will only help you in creating your best year ever. Start by journaling once or twice a week, and work your way up into a daily journaling pattern. Even if you spend 5 minutes in your journal, you'll find yourself feeling more conscious and present in your life in ways you haven't in a long time. 

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