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Back-to-School Lunch Ideas

Posted by: Mira Roberts

After a long, exciting summer, it's finally time to start getting your kids ready for a new school season. That means preparing for early mornings, after-school activities, new schools, new teachers and, of course, healthy lunches to keep your growing kid going.

Your kids are active and busy, and you want them to eat well during the day and when they're on the go. Even picky eaters need to fill up their tanks in order to maintain energy, and it can be a challenge coming up with fresh lunch ideas as the school year kicks into high gear.

Here are some of our favorite back-to-school lunch ideas that can also double as snacks, appetizers or even light dinners for your entire family. Packed with a variety of flavors, as well as your kids' favorite foods, you can rely on these simple, fast recipes to keep your kids satisfied this September!


  1. Pizza Roll Ups. You'll want to plan to bookmark this recipe, since you'll likely be coming back to it week after week. These chewy, cheesey pizza roll ups are perfect for small kids or teenagers, and make for a great afternoon snack, as well.
  2. Ham and Cheese Roll Ups. It doesn't get any easier to make a fast, delicious and protein-packed lunch than this. You can add shredded lettuce to this roll up, or wrap in a flour tortilla for extra hungry kids on the go.
  3. PB&J Sushi Rolls. Your kids will love this fun twist on their favorite PB&J, and you'll love serving it for lunch or as an afternoon snack on busy days with sports practice and extracurricular activities on the schedule.
  4. No Bake Granola Bars. Perfect to add on the side at lunch or as an afternoon snack, these no bake bars are as delicious as they are nutritious, and perfect for grabbing and going!
  5. Sesame Chicken and Soba Noodles. This simple and fast recipe can be made the night before for dinner (in less than 30 minutes), and makes for a perfect lunch the next day! Put the vinaigrette on the side and voila! A balanced, delicious and flavor-packed lunch for your growing kiddo.
  6. Take to School Taco Bar. Pack up your kids' favorite taco dinner for lunch, and include fresh salsa and guac on the side. All you'll need is properly divided lunch containers to help you pack, fresh tortillas, cheese, roast beef and your choice of sides.
  7. Panko Crusted Chicken Nuggets. Tender, crispy and made without frying, these delicious nuggets are perfect for kids of any age, and can be packed with a side of brown rice, fresh veggies, fruit cup or salad for added fiber.
  8. Waffle-Pressed Pizza Pockets. When your kids want "pizza in a pinch," this easy recipe will do the trick! Put your waffle iron to good use in this tasty, fast recipe, and make sure to choose packed, soft sliced bread for best results. 
  9. Cheesy Taco Pockets. When your kids are feeling tacos on the go, these taco pockets are the answer! Perfect as a snack, lunch or even an appetizer at a birthday party, your kids will love when you whip these up for just about any occasion.


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