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Best Local Breakfast Spots

Posted by: Mira Roberts

You've probably been told at least once in your life that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for good reason. Breakfast foods are some of the most delicious and satisfying and they set the tone for your mood and energy level throughout the day. From a solid, hearty omelet to a thick stack of buttermilk pancakes or a piping hot biscuit pulled straight from the oven, breakfast foods fill up your belly and your heart, giving you a good start to another new day.

In Norfolk, we're surrounded by delicious breakfast spots that we can pop into for a working breakfast, or visit for a lazy saturday morning meal with mimosas and friends. Whether you're looking for a greasy spoon, an American-style cafe or a quick drive-thru for breakfast and coffee on the go, you're in good luck. Our charming neighborhood is just a short drive from some of the area's best breakfast spots and, if you haven't tried them out yet, now is the time.

Make plans with friends or family for a weekend breakfast date, or give yourself an extra few minutes to stop on your way to work this week. Give your body and your taste buds the best start possible, and visit any of these nearby breakfast spots...


Charlie's American Cafe
Killer omelets, phenomenal french toast and a variety of styles of eggs benedict make this American cafe a unique and delicious spot to enjoy weekend brunch, just minutes from your front door. Eclectic decor, a friendly and fun staff and excellent, quality cooking make Charlie's one of our all-time favorite restaurants. Charlie's has two convenient locations in Norfolk-one in nearby, Historic Riverview, and the other in Ghent.

D'Egg Diner
D'Egg Diner is a longstanding, local's favorite for quintessential "diner" food with a bevy of healthy options to boot. Now featuring a juice bar and lower calorie, egg-white omelets, D'Egg has two locations for guests who want to grab a great breakfast with or without all the grease. The original location is downtown and the new location, D'Egg Diner West is located on Hampton Boulevard, just a short drive from the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Sit at the traditional food bar or cozy up inside a booth for a D'eggwich, Country Fried Steak or a plate of steaming pancakes and be assured that you won't go home hungry.

Handsome Biscuit
Handsome Biscuit opened just a few years ago and has swept the region, making national headlines for it's award-winning, homestyle biscuits. Their decadent sweet potato biscuits come filled with eggs, fried chicken, pulled pork, peanut butter and jelly and chicken salad. The quirky design and comfortable outdoor seating on picnic benches make Handsome Biscuit a casual, relaxed and genuinely fun place to eat. Plus, the biscuits are completely unique and you'll have leftovers to take home for later.

3 Way Cafe
3 Way Cafe has made a name for itself in Downtown Norfolk for having exceptional food and an outstanding, friendly staff. Thick cut belgian waffles, creamy milkshakes, refreshing yogurt parfait and homemade oatmeal with crispy granola are a few menu highlights on their diverse and enormous menu. Pop in on the weekends or schedule your next working breakfast inside one of their roomy booths and taste the 3 Way Cafe difference.

Wards Corner Starbucks
Some days start early and leave little room for sitting down to breakfast. On those days, you can count on the easy and speedy Starbucks drive-thru located at Wards Corner, just minutes away, and probably on your morning commute route. The Wards Corner Starbucks is friendly AND they're fast, and when you need quality coffee and a quick sandwich made on the go, you'll be glad you stopped there.


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