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Organize your Closet for Fall

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Organize Your Closet for Fall

September is on its way, and with it comes cooler temps and a new season!

We love the crisp air in autumn, and while we've still got a few weeks before we'll have to break out our scarves and warm sweaters, September is the perfect month to start getting ready by cleaning out and organizing our closets.

Whether you're newly moved in, or simply needing to declutter, and make space for new, we've got tips to help you organize your closet for Fall. These tips will not only help you to purge what you no longer need, but also to bring order and clarity back into your smallest of spaces. Enjoy, and good luck!

  1. Do an inventory. You'll need to take stock of what you have, and what you'll be working with. Take every item OUT of your closet, and decide what you'd prefer to donate, store for next year, throw out and finally, keep.
  2. Let go. Now is the NOT the time to let your inner hoarder out to play. If items are destroyed, in poor condition or no longer have a practical use, throw them out. Clothes that haven't been worn, or that don't fit properly are crowding your space, so consider consigning them or donating them to an organization in need.
  3. Store. Storing items in clear, plastic bins that are properly labeled is the key to  easy access at a later date. If you suddenly find you need a pair of flip flops in November, you'll know exactly where to go to find them. You'll need to find an appropriate space to store your bins, once they're full. Consider your hall closet, or the top shelves of your bedroom closet. Whatever is functional and neat.
  4. Assess and organize your fall wardrobe. Now that you've packed away and donated/gotten rid of excess, it's time to survey what remains. Examine your fall wardrobe. Do you have enough sweaters, jackets, scarves and boots for the new season? Make a list of items you may need to pick up over the next few months. Organize what you have by keeping like items together. Fold and stack sweaters and shirts and keep them on shelves. Hang blouses with blouses, pants with pants, and hang hooks to hold your scarves, ties, handbags or other accessories.
  5. SHOES. Cold weather shoes can be bulkier than summer footwear. Store those boots and heavier items on an appropriate shoe rack at the bottom of your closet, or even a large bin.

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