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What tools do I need in my new apartment?

Posted by: Donje Putnam

Our townhomes here at Walker's Chase are maintenance free!  We provide 24 hour emergency maintenance and upkeep all the plumbing, electrical and lawns in the community. Our maintenance team is happy to help hang ceiling fans and will take care of loose toilet handles or inoperative microwaves.

But that doesn't mean you will want to sell all your tools on craigslist and be left opening boxes with a butter knife, and trying to hammer in nails for pictures with your shoe.  Here is a great list on our company blog of tools that you may need while living in our apartments.  So leave the table saw and lawn mower behind, but keep the screw driver!

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Donje Putnam

Donje Putnam has over 15 years experience in the multi-family housing industry and has worked at many different types of apartment communities, from tax credit to high end and from 88 units to 400.  Her favorite thing about being in "the industry" is that you learn a little bit about everything!  She lives in Newport News, VA with her husband, two kids, a very calm dog, a very hyper dog and a very aloof cat. 


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